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In my doula training we discussed how we should re-name negative terms to make them sound more positive.  This is apparently catching on (see here). One example would be to replace the term “contractions” with “pressure waves” or “rushes”.  The one term replacement that stands out most to me is this one: Instead of “fears”, […]

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Beautiful is the only word that comes to my mind!

Click here for a great birth story.  I love the stranger that gave her encouragement.  What a contrast to her family and friends who were skeptical.  Honestly though, I’ve been there! I’ve been that person that doubted a mom’s ability to have a natural childbirth.  Well, I know better now!  I believe you can do anything […]

on epidurals


I was talking about my new doula career path with a friend of mine the other day.  She said, “it’s sounds like you want to go all natural.  I want pain medication as soon as I walk in the door.”  She’s obviously not alone.  About 70% of laboring women choose to get an epidural. The […]