how my infatuation with childbirth started…


It all started with a blog called Dooce. She’s a blogger who struggled with postpartum depression after the birth of her first daughter.   She normally whines blogs about everyday things like stubbing her toe, and breaking bones while skiing.  So when she had her second daughter, and had a natural childbirth, I was intrigued! How was she able to manage that?! Her birth story is in three parts. Click here for part one, here for part two, and here for part three.  (FYI: she uses foul language at times, but it’s a great read.)

Once the stitching was done and they moved the bed so that I was sitting up, I guess the hormones kicked in, or maybe it was the sharp contrast of going from that amount of pain to none at all, but I was totally high. Like, ten lines of cocaine high.HIGH. And that feeling was so strong and lasted so long that for two days straight all I did was stare at that baby and fall madly, deeply, ferociously in love.

That was probably the first time I had ever heard of a doula.  At first, I was curious for my own future childbirth experiences.  But this quickly turned into a passion.  Ever since then, I’ve been yearning for more info about childbirth! Now, my joy is in sharing everything that I learn with others. 🙂


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