alright, let’s see the boobies


In preparation for my breastfeeding class, I’ve been studying up on the art of breastfeeding.  I’m currently reading The Ultimate Breastfeeding Book of Answers.  Honestly, it’s been a difficult read so far. The author (Dr. Jack Newman) starts with all the incorrect information about breastfeeding and problems with how formula is encouraged in hospitals BEFORE he gets into the basics of breastfeeding.  As a breastfeeding newbie, I would have preferred the breastfeeding primer first, but maybe I’m not his target audience!

When I finally got there, the breastfeeding how-to was excellent but I’m a very visual learner.  Apparently he also has a website!  It really helps to see examples of a good latch versus a bad latch.

I’m not finished with his book yet, but I love how encouraging he is to breastfeeding moms.  I have recently come across many women who were told that they could not continue breastfeed because of illness or breast infection.  In his book, Dr. Newman indicates that “A health professional who is truly supportive of breastfeeding will make every effort to find ways to continue breastfeeding even while coping with medical conditions”.

Perhaps the best place to go for breastfeeding advice is the La Leche League.  This organization was founded in the 1950’s, when only about 20% of women nursed their babies.  There are groups of women all over the world that meet monthly to educate moms face to face about the benefits of breastfeeding, show them how to do it, and to help with problems that arise.

My mother attended meetings of the Le Leche Leage in Tennessee before my sister was born.  Although my sister was a tiny 5 pounds and in the NICU, my mother was able to breastfeed through the help of her local Le Leche League chapter.  Without them, she probably would have given up.

Breastfeeding isn’t easy.  In order to make it work, you have to have a commitment to breastfeeding.  You have to know why it’s best for your baby, and prepare for it before your baby is born!  Know who you can call and where you can go if things don’t go right.  Here a link to the La Leche League in Broward County.  I hope to see you there!


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