BABIES… the movie


I’m so excited for the BABIES movie to come out! It’s the story of 4 babies from different countries around the world during their first year of life. The four babies are from California, Japan, Namibia, and Mongolia.  You can see the trailer here.

It’s amazing how childbirth and babies differ across cultural lines.  I shared a weekend with friends and their 6 month old baby from England a few months ago, and learned quite a bit.  Their government pays for childbirth education classes for all parents-to-be.  Also, they utilize something called “gas and air” for temporary pain relief.  It’s 50% nitrous oxide (laughing gas) and 50% air (oxygen, nitrogen, etc.).  This isn’t an option at most American births, but it’s standard for births in the UK.

On a recent trip to Kenya to visit my sister and brother-in-law, I learned quite a bit about childbirth customs there.  Naming the baby is a great honor in Kenya.  In some tribes, the first boy and the first girl are named after the father’s parents as a sign of respect.  Also, the mother-in-law is the one that usually attends the birth since married couples remain very close to the husband’s family.  Some Kenyans will ask their bosses or other highly respected individual to name their children, or to at least suggest names.  Also Kenyans take the rule of keeping babies warm to heart.  Even when it is 80 degrees F outside, babies and children wear layer upon layer of clothing!

Lastly, I had to opportunity to meet with a mom who recently gave birth.  I asked her how the birth went, and she said she labored at home for hours before going to the hospital.  She said she did that because if you take too long at the hospital they pressure you to get a C-section.  That seems to be a common problem…

Anyways, the movie opens on Mother’s Day!  Does anyone want to catch a midnight show with me?


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