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My husband’s grandmother shared with me all about how she became a pioneer of natural childbirth.  She had her first son the way everyone birthed in the 1950’s.  She was given a spinal (a precursor of today’s spinals and epidurals) and had a terrible headache for a week after the birth.  She wasn’t really given […]

… and I love it!  I’ll share juicy tidbits when I return! Also, I’m thinking about going to the Le Leche League meeting Monday night (Hollywood Birth Center, 7:00-8:30 PM).  Would anyone like to join me?

If you are having a baby in a Florida hospital, bookmark this website: When you get to the site, in the search window, type “Cesarean”. The first result is a spreadsheet of all Florida hospitals and their Cesarean birth rates.  This is excellent information to know!  However, it lumps all Cesarean births together.  These […]

It all started with a blog called Dooce. She’s a blogger who struggled with postpartum depression after the birth of her first daughter.   She normally whines blogs about everyday things like stubbing her toe, and breaking bones while skiing.  So when she had her second daughter, and had a natural childbirth, I was intrigued! How […]

Remember when I suggest bringing goodies for the nurses? Well may I suggest making these.   Apparently it worked for Deb.  She made them ahead of time, and froze them, and then brought them to the hospital!  The nurses loved it. The best part is… they are delicioso!

Check out this excellent post by Ob/Gyn Kenobi, an OBGYN doctor and blogger. It’s true that many in the natural childbirth community routinely bash doctors.  Is all of this bashing justified? While I know moms who have had bad childbirth experiences with their OB, I also know of moms that had wonderful experiences with their […]

Everyone knows someone who knows someone who works in a labor and delivery unit at a hospital.  Unfortunately, these people may not be as knowledgeable about childbirth as you would think they should be! I remember when I decided I wanted to do something in the field of childbirth.  I mentioned this to a nurse […]

In preparation for my breastfeeding class, I’ve been studying up on the art of breastfeeding.  I’m currently reading The Ultimate Breastfeeding Book of Answers.  Honestly, it’s been a difficult read so far. The author (Dr. Jack Newman) starts with all the incorrect information about breastfeeding and problems with how formula is encouraged in hospitals BEFORE […]

In discovering the world of books related to childbirth, there are books that seem to come highly recommended from natural childbirth advocates: “Ina May’s Guide to Childbirth”, “The Thinking Woman’s Guide to a Better Birth”, and “Childbirth Without Fear”.  One of my favorites is definitely “Birthing From Within” from Pam England. One of the MANY […]

I’m so excited for the BABIES movie to come out! It’s the story of 4 babies from different countries around the world during their first year of life. The four babies are from California, Japan, Namibia, and Mongolia.  You can see the trailer here. It’s amazing how childbirth and babies differ across cultural lines.  I […]